Cyrus Tiz
opening doors

Too often people are looking for opportunities from particular avenues whilst closing themselves off to others. The more doors we open the more likely we are to have them find us. A friend was recently persuaded to the networking value of twitter, for example, and others have found love through old flames finding them through their otherwise obscure facebook contacts,

It’s my birthday…

and my three year old niece just wished me happy birthday



How are you?

How many times a day do we answer this question with monosyllabic answers when perhaps the other person is waiting for someone to bring something real to the table just so they can then finally get to share something that has been on their mind for a while

bicycle security

A friend (Guru K) recommended having two different types of locks on a bicycle because thieves are not usually equipped to deal with two different kinds apparently and a zefal lock for front wheel and seat to stop those being stolen.

A zefal lock prevents those being removed unless the bike is turned upside down which it can’t be if it is already locked in place.

good samaritan

Even someone who deeply offends us one day could turn out to be a good samaritan to us or another some other day…